Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Travel To-Do List

I’ve had an interesting journey, and I look forward to many more travels.  One day I will do a list of some of the unique experiences I have enjoyed in my travels.  But today, I am going to try a To-Do list, a list of things I want to do while I am still traveling this world.

  1. Fly in a blimp.  I have flown in a lot of aircraft, blimps fascinate me.
  2. Ride in a hot-air balloon. The drift must be almost magical, if I can overcome the lack of control.
  3. Live in a foreign country for 2-3 months.  I can’t think of a better way to understand another culture than to spend weeks as a local. This one will likely have to wait until I don’t need to go to office everyday.  
  4. Take a long distance, overnight train trip.  I have ridden from DC to Boston, but that is a day trip, I want to watch the sun set and rise over the backyards of America.
  5. Cross the Atlantic by ship.  My grandmother did it a couple of times back in the days of coal and steam.  I hate overnight flights, going east bound by ship would avoid the sleepless night.
  6. Visit the last five states.  I have yet to visit Wisconsin, Oregon (I’ll hit this one in May) Idaho, Wyoming and Hawaii.
  7. Cross the equator.  There is not a lot south of the equator on my “must see list” but crossing the equator is a travel milestone.
  8. Ride in a business jet.  I passed up an opportunity to ride in a Lear loaded with boat parts 35 years ago from Florida to Arizona and back, few regrets - that is one.


  1. #4 - done! I have been all over america by train (I have a fear of flying).

    #5 - my uncle took the SS United States back home once from europe. today this ship sits rotting away at a pier in south philly.

    #6 - I have 10 states to go.

    and since I have a fear of heights, the rest of your list will not be accomplished by me.

  2. Anonymous3/20/2014

    #2 - chased a hot air balloon for 3 years as the ground crew chief...finally got to ride in it ONCE! It's awesome.
    #3 - I've been to England for 3+ weeks. Yeah, immersion is the best experience around!
    #6 - I've got Nebraska, Minnesota, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, Wisconsin, North Dakota...all on my bucket list.
    #1, 5, 7 - all would be cool.
    #4 The train I might get to, and I've flown a small plane if that counts for #8!

    Peace <3

  3. this is a good list, although you may find WY a bit of a disappointment.

  4. What a terrific list! I have only done #3.

    I don't love heights so it would take some peer pressure to get me to try #1 and #2.

    I have been to all the states you list in #6 but I have my own list; also 5... ME, NH. VT. AR, and ND.

    RE: #2 I hear you are visiting Phx in May. That is a toward the end of the season for it but hot-air ballooning is popular in Phoenix in the winter & spring - not unusual to see 4-5 of them in the winter months. I have seen as many as 11 of them at one time.

    The views would be better in Sedona, however. And their season runs through summer.