Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Commentary on Comments

Comments are a way of verifying that someone is reading. They are social contact.  I think all bloggers look for content.  I read a dozen or so blogs a day and regularly comment on 3 or 4. Hence I am a lurker on more then I am a social interactor.  I think the 5 or 10 to 1 ratio of readers to comments would hold true.  The heavier the traffic, likely the more lurkers. 

Comment can have issues.  I leave my blog open to all, and occasionally have to delete a nutter with a message unrelated to the blog.  Some review and approve comments.  Some get into arguments with commentors (and sometimes delete their blog in a huff.) Sometimes the software makes posting comments difficult.  I had one recently that didn't post, I waited and recommented, the next morning three comments appeared.  Oh well. 

I blog because I want to.  I love comments as they verify that someone is reading.  I appreciate the social interaction.  I will keep rambling, please keep commenting. 


  1. oh my goodness!
    I got around to cleaning out my 'spam' comments, which I haven't attended in weeks. I found ~ 6-10 comments you have left on mine, which was labelled 'spam". I said 'no!" and they are now all published all at once.

  2. I will keep on commenting since I just found you!

  3. I was not familiar with your blog prior to hearing about you from the gang that attended Bloggerpalooza II. I look forward to reading more.