Wednesday, March 12, 2014

12 on 12

This is my second 12 on 12, 12 photos, sort of a day in the life.  
I am inspired for this by Eric at

Toes, in this case my toes.  Why, a text message this evening, my only Uncle is about to have one amputated, complications from an infection and under controlled diabetes. This is his second hospital stay in a month.  Not good. 

An poster campaign in the DC subway on colon cancer screening, totally unrelated to the reader.

I could do a whole 12 on the Metro, I love this poster. 

On my way to have lunch with a friend at Union Station

Maryland Avenue entrance to Union Station in DC.  A great old station saved from the wrecking ball in the 1970's and now a vibrant train station. 

Another great metro poster

Down into the lobby of my office building

Enough searching and you could figure out what building my office is in.  My office is on the other side of the building, the alley side.

DC in the morning sun over the Potomac

National Airport this morning from the subway.  The subway is the best way to get in and out of DC from National Airport

The sun was out last week at this hour.

My home desk this morning, much cleaner than last month.  I had to do something when I was snowed one day last week, 


  1. The ginger guy is put your feet away

  2. Can't wait to meet you on Saturday!

  3. The bunny PSA freaks me out.

  4. looks like Farragut North to me.