Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The Easiest Part of the Day

The trip to the Dentist was the easiest part of the day.  Scrape and polish went well and nothing major needs to be done.  The last of the old amalgam fillings is still solid as a rock, the only thing that could be done does not need to be done.  And the obligatory offer to "fix my bite."  I am able to bite anything I try and orthodontia is not my idea of fun. How old do I have to be before they quit offering?  Next time I think I will say, stick you finger in my mouth, when she does I will bite her and ask if there is anything wrong.  

The Dentist pointed out a genetic anomaly, my teeth calcify between a repair the the nerve gets smaller. He said only a small fraction of the population do this.  

I am chairing a national conference.  We just finished the review of workshop proposals, I created the schedule and emailed all of the lucky speakers.  Three sessions need to be moved to different time slots. Not bad for the volume of proposals and sessions that I have handled.  If one person will cooperate, I will get the time slots swaps done tomorrow.  I am in software training all day Thursday, there is about an hour of it that applies to what I do, the other 7 hours will teach me more then I ever needed or wanted to know (kind of like asking me a question.)  The office is replacing an early 90's database program with something a little more modern.  It should make my life a little easier.  

I have three major projects going on, and a couple of new ones due any minute,  May will be fun, 11,000 air miles and 11 nights in hotels.  


  1. Anonymous4/01/2014

    Good grief! 11K miles in a month! I'd LOVE IT! HAHAHAHA

    Peace <3

  2. I was at the dentist today as well; mine was not as eventful.

  3. Seeing those medical utensils reminded of me where I was this morning, my dermatologist. Unfortunately, all too often I see these instruments applied to my body these days.