Monday, April 14, 2014

Lycra Bike Short Season

Spring bike riding season is here, well at least until it is 31 degrees tomorrow night.  I have ridden about 60 miles since Friday afternoon.  A great opportunity to see my fellow riders emerging from a long cold winter - many a little pudgy from the long cold winter.  Lycra bike shorts are the best invention for comfort on a bike.  A missive to my fellow bike riders, to be effective bike short must be worn like a kilt, with nothing under them.  Wearing cotton underwear under lycra bike shorts is a sure fire way to be assure that you will be sore in places you don’t want to be sore.  Lycra bike shorts have flat seams, padding that wicks away moisture and provides scientifically designed resilience where you need it the most.  Adding a layer of tighty-whities or cotton boxer briefs creates an irritation layer between you and the comfort you paid for. Get over the fact that someone might figure out your gender while wearing lycra shorts, the facial hair and tattoos are usually a give away. So far as the ick factor of wearing bike shorts commando, own more than one pair and do your laundry.    


  1. commando is fun ANY time, ANY where!

    (ask me how I know this)

  2. Hey I'm commando-ing right now! hehehe