Saturday, April 12, 2014

12 on 12

This is my third 12 on 12. I picked up the idea from Eric at . Sort of a day in the life, 12 pictures on the 12th of the month. 
This is the first time for me that the 12th, has fallen on a weekend.  No subway pictures this month.

Out to run my Saturday errands. 

Grocery shopping was first on the list, Fresh Market opened near me recently. I like the store, they have a smaller selection, with a focus on quality. 

I have started baking bread almost every weekend. It takes a while, but I enjoy it and I can control what is in it. 

Pretty spring day, with pretty spring things. 

Out for a bike ride along the river.

Low tide on the river

Spring is in bloom

A spring plant sale, if I had a back yard, or front yard, or sunny terrace.

Restocking complete

A new phone battery, my battery life has nosedived this past couple of weeks.

No rubbish, a bottle of the good stuff

Bottled nearby, too bad it is not made nearby


  1. Was that ice cream in your trolley ?

  2. John, cedar cheese spread, by I am in the mood for ice cream.

  3. man, your bradford pear trees are already blooming; mine have tiny buds only.

    and WHAT was mixing in the kitchenaid bowl?

  4. Anne Marie: Bread dough in the Kitchenaid.

  5. I made a loaf of seeded rye today for spouse. the fact that I know exactly what I'm eating is a big incentive. my rye has olive oil and honey; no HFCS for me!

  6. no rubbish indeed !