Thursday, September 20, 2007

A tall blonde in Amsterdam

I think DG needed another one of these this afternoon. He was up two-hours before sunrise and off over the river and through the woods for a breakfast meeting with the governor and a couple-hundred right wing nut cases. If they mentioned the all and powerful W one more time I think he might have snapped. When he had finally had all he could take he made like the cowardly lion and ran down the corridor and leapt for safety. Then there was the email. Did everyone get the memo that DG was going to be out of the office all day and this was the day to send email? In a fit of sanity, DG turned it off about 4:00 pm; the messages will all be there tomorrow.



  1. Did you say the Govner? My you are very important little guy. Me, I send my kids to do my dirty work and meet with the Govner.

  2. I must admit, that is one tall blond that I can bring home and my DW won't care.....well at least before I was Gluten sucks.

  3. Remember, it is actually a rather small state. First year we were here, DG went over to see the capitol building and bumped into the then governor in the rotunda and had a little chat with him. He was apparently just out stretching his legs and had some time to kill. The current governor tends to barricade himself in his office and live in his own little dream-world surrounded by yes-men... did I mention he's 20 points down in the polls in his attemnpt to get re-elected?

  4. Don't worry, after the recount and the re-recount. He will get re-elected.

  5. Anonymous9/21/2007

    Let's hope not!