Saturday, September 08, 2007

Peachtree MARTA Station

There is a raging debate going on in Atlanta over a proposed local ordinance that would make it a crime (punishable by a fine of up to $500 and up to 6 months in jail) to wear pants hanging so low that the wearers' “private parts or but cleavage” would be exposed. As one commentator pointed out, thank god most of them wear underwear. Another person pointed out that she had seen too many pairs of boxers and one thong (on a man) was more then enough THANK YOU! Now it is important to point out that the style trend of very, very low rise jeans does not appear to have reached Atlanta as yet (when the world comes to an end you want to be living in the south, it takes a couple of years longer for things to catch on there.) The controversy is about young men wearing oversized pants that hang low (in many cases falling off) exposing generous amounts of underwear. I know this style is passé in modern parts of the world, but still very common in Atlanta.

One burning question, if this ordinance becomes law, what about penguins? Will I be free from arrest in the subway stations when I return to Atlanta?


Squirrel is right, it is humid a squirrel shit in Atlanta.


  1. I read about this a couple weeks ago and when I looked up from my laptop I saw Coffeekid standing near me, in our kitchen with his khaki shorts half way down his butt and his boxers out the top. Granted, his t-shirt is usually long enough to cover but around the house he doesn't always wear a t-shirt.

    I told him he would be getting fined for dressing like that in a few cities around our country. We both think it's stupid.

    I never, ever like to see government getting involved and making "LAWS" out of things that can easily be dealt with in other ways.

    I think we have too many laws as it is, and really, the cops should be (SHOULD BE) far too busy getting the rapists, murderers, serial killers and kidnappers to worry about underwear offenses.

    3. It's a fad. It will soon be gone and high waists will be back in style within a couple years, so why bother wasting so much time, energy and MONEY on passing a law about something so stupid?

    I'd rather see laws passed to take all nudity off of regular prime time TV than a law passed to outlaw seeing someones boxers.

  2. I suppose I wouldn't be helping the discussion along if I said I'd prefer to see more nudity on TV and less underwear on the sidewalk. So never mind...

  3. "Squirrel is right, it is humid a squirrel shit in Atlanta."

    Told you so...

    Now go find a nice pint to take the edge off.

  4. Now go find a nice pint to take the edge off.

    Make that two pints...It's very humid there.