Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Now where was that Tea Room?

When we finished touring the cathederal in York with Bert and Someone, it was tea time. We consulted the maps, and searched the memories for a great place for tea. Here I am taking an up close and personal look at a bronze model of the city in front of the Cathederal. Finally it was decided to try the National Trust tea room. We arrived and were told that tea and coffee were available, but no cake. We were mere minutes to late for them to serve cake. Strange rules in England, I had heard about odd pub rules about serving hours (that appear to all have been reformed) and have apparetently been replaced by cake rules in the National Trust tea rooms. No problem, we went next door where Someone was met by the most freightening tea lady in York. She said yes, tea, coffee, cake, but you have to finished in 20 minutes (or what?) She was so scarey that Someone was afraid to ask her, or what? He ordered quickly, service was fast, and afternoon tea was completed precisely on schedule. At that point the staff was someplace in the back room, no where to be found, no one to take back the tray of empties. We slipped away before the dragon lady came back to life.

DG and I are off to Atlanta for a confernce. The next update will be Sunday or Monday.



  1. Enjoy the trip. I hear that it's hot there, very hot, but it's a dry heat. A DRY HEAT I SAID.

    Thank you, I'm feeling much better now.

  2. TR, don't listen to WC, it's muggier than squirrel poo in Atlanta. And that's pretty muggy...