Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fountain’s Abbey

Our adventure at Fountain’s Abbey began with an endless stroll through the woods. The trail was pretty and winding and ended with a climb up a steep hill and lunch (Woodchuck received an email with a picture of the ale of the day.) Boy was I ready for an ale after that climb. After lunch we went back down the hill to the ruins of the Abbey. Wow! And this is a few hundred years after Henry the VIII had the roof torn off and the place left to collapse. This shows what happens when you build to last.



  1. Mmmmm... I want to live there.

  2. see, built to last and they buried or burned their trash so no landfills . . . manufacturers can learn a lot from this quality in the days before our disposable society . . .

    (yes, just taking a break while working)

  3. Hmmmm.... Sounds like you were still working when you wrote that.

  4. That was a pretty picture of the ale. WC thanks you.