Saturday, May 12, 2007

Two Medicine Lake – Glacier National Park

Over the river, past the moose and the wild horses way out at the end of Two Medicine Road is Two Medicine Lake. The 9th of May was still early spring; the winter snow was still melting. The campground and store were still closed for the season. It was wonderfully quiet, not a person around for miles. The squirrels were frolicking (making little squirrels) and the birds are looking for nesting sites. Our colleague saw a bear and cub coming out of the campground the day before (lucky her.) In a month the place will be full of the sounds, sites and smells of people, but on the 9th of May it was just nature, miles and miles of nature.



  1. Oooo! I see moosie-butt! {giggle, giggle}

  2. ok - my pictures were LIKE so much better and stuff ;)

  3. I see that you got the best side of the moose....giggle, giggle..hehehee