Friday, May 11, 2007

Glacier National Park

Many of the business trips I get to tag along on are to not so thrilling places like Fayetteville, North Carolina and Montgomery, Alabama. Not that there is anything wrong with those places, but shall we say they are not places that are on the must see list of a lot of tourists. This business trip, and yes there was work to be done, was to one of the most breathtaking landscapes this side of Antarctica (actually parts of it reminded me of home.) We just returned from Glacier National Park in northern Montana. The park is out there a way, well slightly beyond out there a way. Work took DG and his colleagues around to the far east side of the park. We stayed in a tiny mom & pop motel across the street from the East Glacier Park Amtrak station (trains every couple of hours all night long, how soothing.) The views were just spectacular. The mountains still had considerable snow on top and with a couple of warm days while we were there the snow melt led for roaring streams and water falls. We saw a moose and a herd of elk. More pictures will follow in the next few days. I hear the northern sun calling me again.



  1. the house next door goes for sale soon - we could relocate WH to Lewis & Clark College, Reed, Portland State, U of P or some other little gig to kep him occupied while you travel the west ;)

  2. So, I'm to assume that I did not overstate the park? I sooo could live there. It would seem that you have seen more of the park than I have, lucky little Penguin.