Friday, May 04, 2007

Sunrise over O'Hare

The recent flurry of postings (one a day for the past few days) will be interupted while we go back on the road again. This time to places so remote that internet access is unlikely (the Circle R Motel in the middle of no-where.) But the opportunity for pictures should be good, and no tropical beaches that will cause certain viewers to become emotional are involved. It may be a bit on the cool side, but that is inkeeping with my native temperment. I will return in about a week.


  1. OMG! SO close this time - WC will fly out of O'Hare on 5/11 . . . one of these days you two are going to pass in an airport and you had better get pictures!

  2. I leave for O'Hare on Friday and fly out at 7:00am....Just what the heck was I thinking booking a flight at that hour?

    I hope you enjoyed Montana.

  3. This trip I left at 6:20 AM going out, but then the airport is only 15 minutes from home. Still I was up at 4:15 AM. What was I thinking? The connections on this trip were Lexington to Cincinnati, Cincinnati to Salt Lake City, and Salt Lake City to Kalispell, and the reverse comming home. Sorry the O'Hare picture is from the trip to Denver last month.