Monday, May 28, 2007

On Safari

We decided to spend a day exploring Indianapolis beyond the speedway and discovered that there is a city there. Visiting the Speedway and saying you have been to Indianapolis is like going to Walt Disney World (note my using the proper name, you can tell someone who lived there, whose brother has worked there for nearly 30 years) and saying you have been to Orlando. There is a real city, that real ordinary people live in attached to many of the atractions and worlds. Indianapolis has a nice historic downtown surrounded by depressed inner city neighborhoods. Just west of downtown and just across the White River is the Indianaoplis Zoo. Decent zoo, newer, well designed, well kept, nice collection. Unfortunately we didn't call ahead, my cousins were out of town while their house is being remodeled (the sea pavilion that houses the penguin exhibit is closed for updates.)


  1. What, they left town and a vacation and didn't tell you, the nerve of it all.

  2. Balding Rangers fan #1: The only piece of furniture left in the house was a stuffed penguin.
    Balding Rangers fan #2: A stuffed penguin is not a piece of furniture.

    --Metro-North, New Haven Line

    Overheard by: M Tod


    Do you read 'overheardinnewyork.'? Cuz I read this one and of course THOUGHT OF YOU! :)

  3. Anonymous5/29/2007

    "A stuffed penguin is not a piece of furniture." So true, it is a house pet.