Friday, May 25, 2007


Hang around in pit lane on qualifying day and the legends past, present and future of Indy car racing will pass by. AJ is at Indy for the 50th year. Little Al is trying for a comeback and qualified for the field just minutes after this picture was taken. Soon the classic words will be heard, “ladies and gentlemen start your engines!”



  1. I really need to get out more. Just how cool is that, you got see two of the greats in the sport of Indy.

  2. I don't know who they are but I was going to say "Oh, I'd invite them over for a BQQ anyway."

    BUT THEN I LOOKED AT THE PHOTOS CLOSER and those old guys in the 2nd picture have looks of piss and vinegar on their faces and I just don't think they would be any fun at all.

  3. Anonymous5/26/2007

    I'd be careful with AJ Foyt(the guy driving the golf cart in the dark blue shirt,) he has a really bad temper and has been known to be quite unpleasant if he doesn't win. Have a nice weekend!