Sunday, May 13, 2007

Splish Splash

The snow was melting in Glacier National Park transforming the babbling brooks into raging rivers. The water was just about the right temperature, just above freezing. How refreshing, much nicer then the tepid tropical breaches that I swelter on a couple of times a year.



  1. {screaming} argh! we were here last year! so close to meeting the famed TR and yet so far . . .

  2. I see that you found my little place where dreams come true. I just love the sound of the rivers when the water is flowing free.

  3. I might get the chance to go to the park in June, I can't wait. I should be able to drive more of the park and play in the water. Did I ever tell you that Woodchucks love water, big water, big cold water with lots of rocks to float around?