Sunday, May 20, 2007

Day 3 of Qualifying at Indianapolis

It's just over three hours drive to Speedway Indiana, home of the Indianapolis 500, parking is $5 and admission for qualifying is $5, why not go? DG has long been facinated by Indy cars, they are highly engineered to do just one thing, go fast. Within minutes of the Noon opener cars were zooming past in excess of 220 miles her hour. That is amazingly fast. How fast, it takes practice to take pictures without the car disapearing from the frame. you listen for the aproaching car, sqeeze the shutter and by the time the camera clicks you hope the car is still in the frame. Amazing! And a great source of another week of postings.


  1. Thank you for the email. I do love the Indy thing. Someday I will stand on HOLY ground.

  2. If you ever want to see the reason for the way I am about cars, just take a look at the 1964 Indy race and you will see. That is if you buy into the thought that when someone dies, and a child is born at the same time, sometimes the souls touch each other on the way by.

  3. It's just a short 5 hour flight and a 45 minute drive. I think that I shall just pop over for the afternoon.