Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Travel Tuesday: Keep Moving when you are Moving

Back in my gym bunny days, I would take running shoes with me when I traveled. Running was a habit, and if I missed a day, I felt like I was missing something. 

I remember running along the Thames in Hammersmith, west London.  My grandmother had lived in that area as a child, I was running through history.  Amsterdam was a bigger challenge, the canals made finding an loop that would return me to the hotel a challenge, I ran through the red light district - open for business in the pre-dawn hours.  In Paris I ran along the Seine, though the Courtyards of the Louvre.  In Savannah Georgia I remember reflections of the runner in the windows, and thinking "who is that and what is he doing?"  

I only traveled for running once, to south Florida to compete in the Sprint Triathlon World Championships - as an also ran - the top 100 spots were invited, the other 900 were first come first served.  I finished in the top 1/3 in my age group.  

My running days, faded, as my travel schedule started to accelerate.  Sometimes I will visit the hotel fitness center, some of them are quite nice.  Often I just take a long walk.  The gym closures for COVID have brought on bad habits, I need to keep moving to keep moving, both when I am home, and when I travel.    


  1. I love the irony of the exercisers under the sign Boston Casualty Company.

  2. I do a run /jog these days. Three times a week for about a mile or two. I still have to find a nice place I enjoy it though. I miss the lake.

    Now for a marathon run, well, these days that only happens when I hear Happy Hour!!!!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Down one of those dark side streets

  4. I like a good long brisk walk because it's somehow meditative.

  5. I tried running years ago but it was bothering my knees so I've just been walking. I admit, since COVID, my walking scheduled has slowed down. I still do it, just less often. I need to get going again.

    1. I need to keep moving, or I will stop.