Friday, December 30, 2022

Fabulous Friday - Reading List 2022

Each year I keep a running list of the books I have read. Part of it is keeping score, I set a goal of how many books I will read (about one a week.) I am a little behind my goal for the year.  I have an excuse, we were gone for a couple of weeks in December, a time that yielded little reading time.  And I dove into a biography that proved slow to read, to the point that I almost gave up, but every few chapters I find pages filled with wisdom and history. I am always surprised by some of the books I have read.  And wonder about those I have missed.  I have a friend in Oklahoma who has a 5,000 sq. ft. barn converted to a library.  My Kindle will be 10 years old just after the first of the year, I am wearing away the case where my fingers turn the pages.  I love it, it is a part of me, it show the love and use that it has endured.  
  1. Four Thousand Weeks, Oliver Burkeman
  2. Silverview, John le Carre
  3. Patient or Pawn, Jo Kline (did a book review.) 
  4. Casket Chronicles, T.A. Walters (strangely funny)
  5. Trauma Informed Law, Marjorie Florestal
  6. Niksen, Embracing the Dutch Art of Doing Nothing, Olga Mecking
  7. The Poop Diaries, Abby Ross
  8. A Little Book About Trauma Informed Workplaces, Nathan Gerbrandt et al
  9. Every Tool's A Hammer, Adam Savage
  10. Private Collections, Janet Wurtzburger 
  11. The Smithsonian Castle and the Seneca Quarry, Garrett Peck 
  12. Lives Bound Together, Susan Schoelwer (slavery at Mt Vernon) 
  13. Search for a Whisky Bothy, Ralphy (good, he has a YouTube channel) 
  14. Rome and Rhetoric, Garry Wells 
  15. Stop Overthinking, Nick Trenton 
  16. Take Your Selfie Seriously, Sorelle Armore (don't bother reading)
  17. The Fran Lebowitz Reader, Fran Lebowitz
  18.  Black, White and the Grey, Mashima Bailey and John Morisano
  19. And Excellent Vintage, Craig Briggs
  20. You are Nothing, Hugleikur Dagsson
  21. Playing with Myself, Randy Rainbow
  22. Whisky, Aeneas MacDonald and Ian Buxton
  23. Plenty, Hannah Howard 
  24. The History of Photography in 50 Cameras, Michael Pritchard 
  25. Rebellious Aging, Margaret Nash
  26. The Eight Paradoxes of Great Leadership, Tim Elmore
  27. Happy-Go-Lucky, David Sedaris (He could write fast food menus and I would buy them and read them) 
  28. Spain, the Essential Guide of Customs and Culture, Marian Meaney
  29. the Musician says, Benedetta LoBalbo 
  30. How Minds Change, David McRaney (worth the read) 
  31. 75+ Team Building Activities, Christopher Littlefield 
  32. A Perfect Score, Craig and Kathryn Hall
  33. 12 Steps to Changing Yourself and the World an Abolitionists Handbook, Patrisse Cullors (Good book, I gave away my copy to someone who will really get a lot out of it.) 
  34. Life is Short and So is this Book, Peter Atkins
  35. Walk by My Side; A solo Journey to Santiago, John Camando
  36. 50 States 500 Great Drives
  37. Going Gently, David Nobbs
  38. Leading the Unleadable, Alan Willett (work related) 
  39. The book of Delights, Ross Gay
  40. Can You Make This Thing Go Any Faster, Jeremy Clarkson
  41. Greenlights, Matthew McConaughey (slightly crazy) 
  42. Talking to Crazy, Mark Goulston (work related) 
  43. Better with Age, Alan Castel
  44. The World According to Kalen, Kalen Cooper (fun but not really worth it.) 
  45. The Art of Quiet Influence, Jocelyn Davis
  46. The Headland, Neil Theasby (Yorkshire Pudding) (Really worth reading.) 
  47. Surrender, Bono (this one was great in points, and endless in others.) 
  48. This Chair Rocks, Ashton Applewhite 


  1. I salute you and your dedication to reading!

  2. I second Debs. I have to be in the mood to read. My count is usually about 12 books a year. I have two in my queue waiting.

  3. I've not read any of the books in your list. I like the sound of a few by their titles, such as Every Tool's a Hammer, Playing with Myself, Randy Rainbow (a suspicious name) , Search for a Whisky Bothy, Ralphy. Is David Nobbs a pseudonym for John Gray of Wales, with his book Going Gently?

    1. Clarkson is almost always funny. Randy Rainbow has a You Tube channel, his book is a biography. And no, I think the book was an inspiration for the title of the blog, John is an avid reader.

  4. good for you! It is an impressive list both form and number. More important now: which ones would you recommend as a TGR? Please send email with the list and any ones to read. hugs.

  5. Thinking of Silverview, if you are interested in John le CarrĂ©’s secrets about the cousin of Field Marshal Montgomery, one Kim Philby, #SASRogueHeroes, Dead Lions & #UngentlemanlyWarfare you should read how 22 SAS Regiment was formed in Malaya (1952). Read Beyond Enkription in #TheBurlingtonFiles about the real reprobates in MI6 aka #PembertonsPeople & how Bill Fairclough was unwittingly recruited. If you are interested in this and more besides do check it out at TheBurlingtonFiles website and see the News Article dated 31 October 2022 … Pemberton’s People, Ungentlemanly Officers & Rogue Heroes. See