Thursday, October 03, 2019

Stop and Smell The Roses

The lyric went "stop and smell the roses along the way," along with that is noticing the rest of the world as we pass through.  The flowers and trees, the grasses and leaves, the animals and bugs.  Not sure what this is, but I sure am glad I noticed him or her flitting by, and followed as she or he went from flower to flower collecting nectar and spreading pollen.  We get to distracted by our personal distractions, phones, other people, the petty dramas of the world, sometimes we need to go off, chasing butterflies, or chasing rabbits.  

Any idea what kind of a butterfly or moth this is? 

Let yourself be distracted today. 


  1. This looks just like the butterfly I saw the other day here at the Casa I did a video of!!!! I believe it might be called a yellow Papilo.

    I am always distracted. Friends always come on, because i'm usually taking everything in.

  2. pretty butterfly. we had a loverly sunset tonight; set the sky on fire.

  3. Anonymous10/03/2019

    Probably a Monarch Butterfly.

  4. Now I'll have to pull out my Mac Davis' Greatest Hits c.d.! Go ahead and chase things, just don't go chasing waterfalls (so I've heard). My pinball brain is always distracted. It's how I made it into adultdom.

    1. There are days, I wonder how I ever get anything do, easily distracted and prone to wander.

  5. That’s an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. Great photo. As Jerry has been known to say, “stop and smell the coffee.”

  6. Ritalin works well for this.