Wednesday, August 08, 2018

The Way We Were Wednesday - Way Back Edition

A high school classmate just posted a picture of her granddaughter watching "kids shows" on an I-Pad in the back seat of a car.  My first thought was, I sure am glad I grew up before that.  I grew up watching the countryside stream by, undoubtedly bored out of my mind at times, but I saw what was happening around me.  I learned to enjoy the journey.  

I like my phone, I spent more time checking email than I should.  I like my I-pad, and my Kindle, I hope I am not missing the world around me staring at my little world.  I grew up unplugged,  I like being connected, but all good things in moderation.  

Should children and babies be entertained with phones and tablet computers?   


  1. HELL NO! we already have enough idiots out there!

  2. Sure, if you want to raise mindless zombies. It's quite depressing to see kids texting each other while in the same room! Communication and empathy is being lost (not to mention spelling).