Monday, August 20, 2018


I fly a fair bit and often get asked about airlines.  My top tips:
1: Fly the airline with the most flights from your preferred home airport. 
2: Join everyone's frequent flyer program.
3: Book early, at least 60 days before your travel dates. If you wait until the last couple of weeks, you will pay more and have fewer options.  
4: Decide what seats you like, and always try to select your seats. 
5: Get an airline credit card that gives you free checked bags.  If you fly a couple of times a year, the checked bag fees will offset the annual fee.  And most cards get you into an earlier boarding zone. 
6: Check a bag!  Don't try to carry it all on. Trying to find overhead space is a struggle, and if you are limited to one 20-inch bag, you are going to look like a homeless person before you get home.  Check a bag! 
7: Pee before you board.  
8: Don't be afraid of connections, changing planes, but allow an hour at most airports.  The barely legal 30 minute connection, will result in rushing and worrying about missing your flight. 
9: When something goes wrong, don't blame it on or take it out on the airline staff.  Being rude, won't get you anything that being nice won't get you.  I stood in line one morning, listening to person after person rage at the counter agent about missed connections.  When it was my turn I simply said, "I know if you could waive a magic wand you would, what can we do to get me home today?"  I got the next flight and a seat in first class.  


  1. That's one thing I always the flight as far in advance as I can...saves lots of money.

  2. One thing we almost never do is book an appropriate amount of time in advance. We have a hard time committing to vacation plans, which is strange considering we could move our entire household at the drop of a hat.

  3. #7 - a good idea for any type of travel.

  4. #7, #8, and #9 are good tips. I never have a lay-over shorter than an hour because of missed connections.

  5. I'll stick to cruises even though visions of rogue waves, The Poseidon Adventure and pirates run on a loop in my head. Trailer travel on land and staying away from areas that more openly don't welcome 'my kind'. I have no fear of flying, I just hate it!