Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Sometime in the past 2 or 3 years I did a post about or two about my love of the much maligned fruitcake.  I grew up eating them, the wonderful concoctions of dried and candied fruits and nuts, with just enough spice cake to hold it all together.  Not the light cakey cake most people think of, when they think of cake, but something special.  Rating a fruitcake with the standard of a birthday cake, is like rating a hamburger by the standards for a steak. 

Dave over at Blogography read my postings on fruit cakes and sent me the lovely "Fruit Bread" pictured above from Liberty Orchards in his home town in Washington State.  It is wonderful, light, a nice spice, fresher fruits, good nuts.  Check out his blog, sci-fi, technology, adventure travel and Cat-erday (his cats are cool.) 

Should I bake fruitcakes this fall?   


  1. I LOVE fruitcake! OK, some annual gifts are pretty awful. But, when done right they're wonderful. Jerry does a Jamaican Black Cake that's fruitcake on steroids.

  2. If you want too, I say yes!!!

  3. why not? I love fruitcake if it's done correctly. I have purchased other edibles from liberty orchards; dee-lish!

  4. You can bake whatever your little heart desires. Is there some law that says you can't bake one any other time of year? It's not like fresh fruit is used. Of course, as hot as it's been here, I'm not baking diddly squat (I do prefer my diddly squats deep fried). What about egg nog. Are nogs only around in fall and winter? Things that make you go....shut up!