Saturday, August 04, 2018

Made Me Think Of

Anne Marie and her reminder to Dance Like No One is Watching

Mistress Maddie, elegant and classy 

Dr Spo, few understand what makes us tick like he does 

Fearsome Beard, beards through the ages. 

Seen anything that reminded you of anyone? 


  1. that looks exactly like maddie! and thanks for the shout-out!

    in answer to your question, not lately no.

  2. Elegant and classy. You'd make my mother proud dear. Thank you.

    Now is Dr Spo into twisted hotdogs like objects and hamburg patty's

  3. Dr. Spo looks like some sort of space alien from the Star Trek TV show.



  4. That rat thing that hung out with Jabba the Hutt always reminded me of one of my sisters. She doesn't look like that, but, there is something about that thing's personality that makes me think of her and smile.

  5. I think I got the small piece of the pie on this one.