Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Only in Texas

Is it right turn only, or straight through Only?  

Interesting trip to Texas.  The trip there was easy.  DC to Chicago, and Chicago to Houston (in first class.) Houston has insane traffic.  I was headed 70 miles south to Galveston.  Galveston is on the Gulf of Mexico.  My official duties were brief remarks (5-minutes) at a board meeting at 11:00 AM, and a short before dinner speech at 6:00 PM.  Making it a two night trip, with travel time.  The group was warm and welcoming.  I kept it short.  

The hotel was about a mile from the Gulf on the other side of the island, I had a view of Galveston Bay.  I drove down along the water the first night for dinner, I had delightful fried shrimp in the lightest of batters.  

My trip home, I wrote about earlier - long delayed.  


  1. I visited Galveston only once, but loved it. I turned left and right only.

  2. Maybe, being in Texas, there are some fools who would try to turn left in that lane. I've seen it happen, and I've never been near Texas!
    I love me some shrimp, but those look like little teenaged duck legs! So cute! My imagination gets weird.

  3. I saw that picture and thought they were frogs legs