Saturday, August 18, 2018

Coastal Fog

Back in late June when we were in San Francisco, J's cousin Joan who lives in the north bay picked us up on a Saturday morning for a slow drive north along the Pacific Coast, north of San Francisco.  It is an area I had seen little of, I had been to Muir Woods once, but not driven out to the coast.  What a great opportunity to explore the coast. 

We stopped several times, at this overlook the fog started to roll in, and in less than ten minutes the fog enveloped the area.  A mile up the road, we were back in sunshine.  What an amazing coastline, what a perfect climate.  

Do you like the fog? 


  1. I love the fog. Didn't like living in it day in and day out, but I do find it mystical, magical, and peaceful as a temporary visitor. I'll never forget standing on the Marin Headlands overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge just as a major fog bank rolled from above our heads and down over the hillside. It was like foam overflowing a cup of coffee. Amazing.

  2. I don't mind fog, but I don't want it lingering for hours.

  3. As you well know, My Sweet, I LOVE fog.

  4. Depresses me to no end.

  5. I remember I was in the Boy Scouts with a kid who had just moved from Alaska. On a campout, he got up in the morning and was amazed by the thick fog, as he had never seen it before.