Friday, November 10, 2017

The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald

Today is the anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  

Having spent a good part of the first third of my life in Michigan, this song has always struck a cord with me. I remember the thrill as a child of seeing a big lake freighter on our rare visits to see Lake Huron.  I have experienced a few great lakes storms - nothing to be taken lightly.  My father bought a large part of the keeping farm, from a freighter captain - beekeeping and lake shipping peak in the same seasons, and shipping paid better. 

I would have been in Florida by November 10th 1975. This song is a part of the soundtrack of my life.  

What song is in the sound track of your life? 


  1. I absolutely love that song. Let's see. "I Will Survive" may not be the soundtrack of my life, but it was and is very important.

  2. Ah! When I saw the title, I immediately began singing! One of mine would definitely be “Move On” from Sunday in the Park with George.

  3. "I won't back down" - tom petty; song was popular during my cancer battle/marriage breakup. it's my personal fight song.

  4. Anonymous11/10/2017

    One From The Heart - Tom Waits and Crystal Gayle.

  5. While the song has no words, Loose Caboose from Henry Mancini would be mine. It seems to sum my up if I were a song.

    1. and we ALL know just how loose your caboose is!

  6. I *love* Gordon Lightfoot !!!

    I also love, “Canadian Railroad Trilogy” for no specific reason, except trains are cool!



  7. Angie Baby by Helen Reddy. It made me feel less weird.

  8. I remember that storm. I remember it blew down and smashed my recently made bird feeder. My father is a boat nerd; he and my brother went to the church service for the men.