Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Lunch in Lille

On one adventure we took the EuroStar from London to Lille, stayed overnight and picked up a rental car the next day.  I have a few vivid memories of Lille, a pretty Cathedral, getting lost in the wrong parking garage at the train station, being able to ask in French if a shop had something in a larger size, and lunch.  I don't recall what we had for lunch, we sat in a booth at the back of the restaurant and watched the owners dog, mooching up and down the aisle.  It was charming.  Very relaxing and very French.  

What is your favorite non-food memory of lunch? 


  1. being with good friends, relaxing and enjoying their company/conversation (with NO CELL PHONES in use)!

  2. I had a breakfast, with a good friend, that slowly drifted into lunch. Lots of laughs in a half empty IHOP. I went to pay, and was so happy to receive a discount. I kept waiting for the card receipt to sign it. The cashier just looked at me patiently. My friend started laughing her considerable butt off. I said "What?" . she pointed to my credit card. Sigh, I was trying to pay with my Triple A card, thus the discount. I thought I was getting a senior discount rate. More hard laughing. Fun!