Monday, November 20, 2017

Recent Travels in a few phone pictures

I started with an insanely short trip from DC to Orlando and back, less than 18 hours on the goround in Florida. I made it back from Orlando for an important staff meeting the next morning. 

The next evening I went to Detroit for a memorial service on Saturday afternoon. 
I had never seen the Renascence Center from the ground, it was built after I left Michigan.  Impressive, in fact lower Woodward Avenue is very alive and very nice.  

The following morning at 7:25 AM I was on my way to Arizona (in First Class.) 
Downtown Old Scottsdale Arizona, lots of fun overpriced shops. 

I had dinner with Dr Spo and Someone in Scottsdale, it was great fun. When you are passing through Phoenix you should buy Spo dinner.  

Dinner was in a nice neighborhood, I passed this on the way back to my rented Nissan.  
I got away for a day in the dessert and mountains.  I love the landscape.  

The last night in Scottsdale I had a delightful dinner at a place that has the finest selection of high quality bourbons, outside of my house.  

From Phoenix I went onto a conference in Newport Beach California.  The local garden club or something like that was having a luncheon at the hotel - that is two Bentleys, two Range Rovers and a Fisker Revero - an all electric car (the base price is something like $130,000.)  Nice neighborhood.
Lastly, I changed planes in Chicago on my way home, one of the most iconic works of airport architecture in the United States.

What is the most back-to-back traveling you have done? 


  1. who are those handsome men up there? ;-)
    glad you could catch up with spo & someone!

  2. Seems my trips are always back to back in the summers.

  3. Hitting several islands on an Hawaiian cruise is the closest I've ever gotten to a back to back trip. I don't travel well.