Friday, November 17, 2017

Being Remembered

I have read that 100 years after we dead, no one will remember the vast majority of us.  We fade out of existence and memory.

My mother's parents were concerned about being remembered.  The first plan was that they would be in the family plot down the street from the house I grew up in.  The lots were there, the stone was set, and they got to worrying that none of their family was around, so they bought lots in a cemetery near where they had grown up and moved the stone.  My grandfather died 1976, my grandmother in 1991.  Being in an isolated location, I didn't attend either burial.  In fact I had never been to the cemetery until last month.  It was a couple of hours drive from where I grew up.  The cemetery was larger than I expected, I was surprised at how fast we found the graves.  

I was surprised at the lichen growth, a sign that they are fading into being forgotten.  There may be family around, but most of them are decomposing, not visiting.  

I am glad I made the pilgrimage to see their graves,  I doubt that I will travel that road again.  

How long after you are gone, will you be forgotten? 


  1. I try to not dwell on that. I hope I make a difference to some people while I'm living. When I'm gone... I'm gone.

  2. As soon as the money runs out.

  3. I couldn't care less if I'm remembered. When I'm gone I won't know the difference. Give me flowers while I'm here, preferably, carnations.

  4. Hopefully until the end of happy hour!



  5. Like others here, I'd rather be remembered, thought about and loved while I am alive, so I don't care.
    And I have made it very clear to my partner, sisters and now my son, that I don’t want anyone to waste money on a funeral. Just plant me and be done with it.

  6. The vast majority of us will not be remembered - I include myself.
    However I take satisfaction in the belief while I am here I gave others some worth and the place was perhaps a bit better for my endeavors. The patients I have seen and helped will be better people I hope, who will in turn be better people towards others.