Saturday, November 04, 2017

Great Falls

These were taken a couple of years ago at the Great Falls of the Potomac.  Really a set of really nasty rapids, just upstream from Washington DC.  Niagara it isn't, but it is fun to see.  There were people working their way through in kayaks.  

Would you kayak through that?  


  1. no. but great falls is a natural wonder; above and below are calm waters.

  2. Nope...who wants to must up their coiffure?

  3. I missed the water

  4. We need to go up there again; it's so pretty.

  5. I've actually kayaked up to the *base* of these falls, but NEVER even considered going over (no death wish here!)

    But I've seen other do it, in a big race, no less!

    The might Po has taken many lives over the years.