Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Five: Potent Potables

1: Beer or Wine? 
2: Bourbon or Scotch? 
3: Coffee or Tea? 
4: Ice or no-Ice? 
5: Vodka or Water? 

My Answers: 
1: Beer or Wine? - Usually wine - red
2: Bourbon or Scotch? Bourbon - if it is the good stuff 
3: Coffee or Tea? Coffee - cold 
4: Ice or no-Ice? Ice
5: Vodka or Water? Water 

Your answers? 


  1. 1: Beer or Wine? Wine...but I do like the occasional beer or dark ale.
    2: Bourbon or Scotch? "Now, who gonna bring me a bourbon?" 
    3: Coffee or Tea? Coffee 
    4: Ice or no-Ice? everything!
    5: Vodka or Water? Gin...gin...GIN!!!!!! I get to be a mean bitch on vodka.

  2. 1: Beer or Wine? Both
    2: Bourbon or Scotch? Neither
    3: Coffee or Tea? Both, but more coffee
    4: Ice or no-Ice? Depending on season
    5: Vodka or Water? Both (but not together)

  3. 1: Beer or Wine? - wine
    2: Bourbon or Scotch? - neither
    3: Coffee or Tea? - coffee
    4: Ice or no-Ice? - no ice
    5: Vodka or Water? water

    and look at the cute lil hamster there! :)

  4. 1: Beer or Wine? Wine, though I wouldn't turn down a Stella.
    2: Bourbon or Scotch? I am not a fan of either, but I have tasted some fine scotches.
    3: Coffee or Tea? Tea.
    4: Ice or no-Ice? Both.
    5: Vodka or Water? Again, both ... a nice Ketel One Martini straight up? Heaven. But water's good, too.

  5. Okay, my preferences before meds started vying with alcohol for my liver:
    1. Beer or wine? Wine
    2. Bourbon or Scotch? Bleeeech! Rum and gin.
    3. Coffee or tea? Both
    4. Ice or no ice? Ice
    5. Vodka or water? Vodka if there is orange juice in it.

  6. 1: Wine
    2: Bourbon or Scotch? < both
    3: now don't be lubricious there's a good fellow!
    4: a little in the scotch not much; lots in the ice on hot days
    5: Vodka or Water?