Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Seeing in natural light

I took these in the mid-70's with my father's camera.  He was not happy with them, he thought they were too dark, he didn't understand why I didn't move the people out into the sun, or use a flash.  I love these images, they show the people in the light that we normally saw the people.  

The top image is my sister and my maternal grandmother, the bottom image is my paternal grandparents.  

I am still a huge fan of natural light photography, one of the first things I do when I start using a new camera or phone, if figure out how to turn the flash off.  So far my only grump on the new Nikon, is I have to turn the auto-flash off, every time I turn the camera on.  If there is a setting for the default to be flash off, I have not found it yet (you do need an engineering degree to figure out all of the menus on the camera.) 

So what do you think, to dark, or the way we really see people? 


  1. I think these photos are beautiful and expressive. I especially like the first one because of the play of light and dark.

  2. natural light - always the better choice!

  3. Natural. The light and shadows bring texture and dimension. Beautiful.

  4. That first photo is rather like an old oil painting