Thursday, August 24, 2017

Birthdays Past

I was born on my Grandfather's birthday, and my grandparents had gotten married on his birthday.  My guess is I was about 16 or 17 when this was taken.  The end of summer, and it shows that I had been out in the sun for the summer.  

This was taken in my grandparent's big kitchen in the farm house in Michigan.  The door behind me went into my great-grandmother's bedroom, the door to my left went out onto a front porch.  

At my grandparent's 50th Anniversary party someone asked about them getting married on my grandfather's birthday.  My grandmother remarked, "I though that way he would remember our anniversary, it didn't work, most year's he didn't remember his own birthday."  

Do you do anything special on your birthday? 


  1. you sexy thang! :)

    1 present each from RTG and the cats and a seafood dinner are all I need.

  2. I sing, "Here Comes The Sun," as I was born on George Harrison's birthday (and am a huge Beatles fan.)



  3. In case you haven't noticed, I love vintage photos. Of course, you at 16 is not as vintage as me at 16, but I'll forgive you. Currently for my birthdays, I tend to just get hugs and kisses wherever I can... and go out for dinner.

  4. I play Mahler (for it is his birthday too) and "I'm still here" from "Follies"