Tuesday, August 22, 2017


I had a post that was a bit of a political rant, but I have already been called a moron once this month, so I deleted it. Enough of this crap, I don't need to engage the crazies, there is enough stress in my life.  
I don't like Trump - 
I don't like Mitch McConnell 
I think Paul Ryan is dangerous
I fear that this Presidency is going to end in disaster 
The 20189 elections are going to be a lot of fun.  



  1. Appropriate that the Statue of Liberty pictured is from Las Vegas. I agree with you, except I probably wouldn't have been so kind.

  2. post what you want and delete the troll comments (and as you do say FUCK YOU out loud).

  3. I don't like those three either. I like you and your politics.

  4. Anonymous8/22/2017

    No complaints about your politics from me, only that you left out Mike Pence in your list of "unlikeables". And did you mean the 2018 elections (instead of 2019)?