Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bright Lights of the Big City

Digging out the real camera was not something I could do from the window seat, so I took this with my phone.  Not bad, but not nearly as good as what a real camera would have done.  I seldom sit in window seats, I am an aisle seat person, but I was late booking, and elected to let the airline select my seat, rather than pay extra for a middle seat. I was happy with the window and an empty middle seat.  

What is you favorite seat? 


  1. No idea why, but I prefer a window seat. I do like to look's a sight we don't get everyday.

  2. Window for me. Great photo.

  3. "What is you favorite seat?" - the one I'm sitting on at the moment!

  4. I always enjoy the window seat the most...once en route, I try to figure out where we are.

    On my last trip I sat next to the emergency exit, and they ask you if you are willing to help out in case of an emergency.

    I told them if I had a choice, I would rather guard the liquor cart, but then begrudgingly acquiesced to be the door man.



  5. I prefer the window seat. I would hate the aisle seat with people bumping me and hitting me in the face with coats and purses. In the middle seat, I would not have claim to either arm rest. Just put me over near the window where I only have to deal with one person and have a great view!