Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year!

Every morning, when the run rises, I remind myself that I have a chance today to do it right. My days are frequently populated with things that carry over from yesterday, but yesterday is history.  I can't go back and change what I did yesterday, I can only live today. If I spend the day, trying to re-live yesterday, it will interfere with today. Each day I need to move life and projects down the road as far as I can, and try to set the stage for tomorrow.  I can plan for tomorrow, I am a big planner, especially when it comes to things like travel, but I can't live tomorrow, until tomorrow.  If I spend today trying to live tomorrow, I don't have time to live today.

The best made plans, sometimes go astray and bad things happen in life.  But each morning, I can try to do my best to live well today.

2014 was a good year, it is history, onto live in 2015.


  1. Hear, hear! Hindsight is woefully 20/20, but with a little insight, 2015 can be wonderful!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Penguin!!!

    Peace <3

  2. I hope your 2015 is a most splendid one, full of good things like lovely bourbon and remarkable travels.