Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Working in Circles

Some days, I think I should have studied drafting so I would be better prepared for working in circles.  This morning I was waiting for someone to call me back, so I could complain about waiting.

I have been waiting since the first week in August for information on a proposed project, that the person I was waiting to have call me back, was getting from someone else who does not talk to me, despite the fact that we work for the same company.  When I finally talked to my guy, his answer, was that he had the information I have been waiting for since August, but it was wrong, so he hadn't told me he had it.  I explained that if had told me it had come in and it was messed up, I would be angry at the person who messed it up, instead of him for keeping me waiting.  I'd still be waiting, and frustrated, but I would be angry at someone else - the person who won't talk to me despite the fact that we work for the same company. They won't talk to me because we don't contract with them and they report to a different management line. But we do work for the same company.  Some days I think I work in the middle of a Monty Python skit.

Months ago I had a meeting with another person and detailed the timeline of when I needed various products for a major project I am working on.  She showed me her standard production timeline and I said no, this is a different audience and I need the products sooner to meet the needs of this group. I have gotten everything on her time line, about two months later then I needed it all along the project timeline.  She listened and nodded her head and then did it her way.  I told her boss this afternoon that I would not work with her again, he said I didn't have a choice, I pointed out that I do, I can contract with someone else to do that part of the project next year - someone who will listen to when I need things.  Did I break the circle there?  Time will tell.

I really just wish we could all listen and treat one another as we would wish to me treated. But then that is circular. I feel like a dog chasing it's tail - the dog is likely having more fun.


  1. ugh, corporate bullshit. this is only 1 reason I will never work for corporate amerikkka again.

  2. Anonymous9/24/2014

    Sheesh, sounds like the government bs I put up with.

    Peace <3

  3. are the joys of work
    glad i only now work only one shift a week!