Wednesday, September 10, 2014


There are exceptions to my love of airports and flying, like this morning when the plane broke. 
We were delayed for a mechanical, then they put us on a bus to go to the plane, then they took us off the bus, then they they put us back on the bus, we got to the plane and waited for the repair man to leave, we boarded, waited for the repair man to come back, the first officer got off and talked with him, the repair guy left, we waited another 20 minutes and we started to move.  We used 90% of the main runway to get airborne and climbed very-very slowly, I saw the Pentagon at an angle seldom seen except by birds and generals (generals get to helicopter in and out sometimes.) It took a long time to get to Charleston.  As we were getting off they were announcing that the outgoing flight was canceled and the plane was flying out on it's remaining engine for major repairs (so that explains the problem.) 

The plane in the picture, they are putting tape over the leading edge of the peeling paint on the tail.  Duck-tape will solve anything but a wonky engine. 

I am in Charleston SC for a meeting.  


  1. OMB! nope, you won't EVER convince me to get on a plane.

    whilst you are down there, see if you can meet up with bob of "I should be laughing" blog!

  2. Anonymous9/10/2014

    Holy moly! No fun at all!

    Peace <3

  3. Yeah, "the remaining engine" is not something you want to hear in relation to a plane you just got off of. I suppose it would be worse if you heard it while getting on.

  4. I cannot imagine what it is like to travel so as you do. But your entries help! I enjoy them so.