Friday, September 05, 2014

Check another one off the bucket list

The President has been in Wales for a few days, no doubt checking in with John and the dogs.  On the way out of the country, he stopped by Stonehenge and remarked that this checked another one of the bucket list. It was on my list. It is a neat place!  We stopped on the way to Swansea.  If you are hoping to push on the rocks and prove that they are real, it is not the right place to visit. A few years ago I was driving between the Grand Canyon and Phoenix and pulled off to see native American cliff dwellings.  Really neat.  A few weeks later I was having dinner with a friend of ours who is a history professor, and she asked how much of the cliff dwellings you are able to climb around. The answer is none, they are very fragile, if the hordes marched through centuries of preservation would crumble in a few years. She said she wouldn't be bothered visiting it would be like Stonehenge where they won't let you touch anything. A historian with no sense of historic preservation, check another one off the bucket list.  


  1. Anonymous9/05/2014

    I have only seen Stonehenge from the motorway at 60MPH! But it was an awesome view, early in the morning on a cloudy day with fog surrounding the entire site. Very cool!

    Peace <3

  2. England, still on my Bucket List. Maybe someday.


  3. Ron
    It's Britain!
    England is only a small part of it
    Don't forget, Scotland, Northern Ireland and finally WALES