Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A few of my favorite things

I like airports.  they are the best for people watching,  people coming and going to points across the globe. 

Air travel is still magic.  I can flap my arms all I want and I can't fly without a plane.  There is the majesty of the machine and the quickness.  Journeys that took my grandmother a week 100 years ago. I can do today in 6 hours. 

I can't believe how cheap air travel is. I can't put gas in my car for what this trip cost by air. Yes airfare has gone up and it is harder to find a bargain,  but there are bargains to be had if you plan ahead. 

I like traveling.  I wouldn't do it every day.  Interesting hypothetical question. If air travel was free,  how much more would you really travel? 


  1. David,
    Since I found out that flying wasn't as horrendous as I thought it would be after 9/11, I plan to fly again when I visit Pat in Toronto. And you're right, you can find the bargains if you look for them. Yesterday I found the "regular" flights to Pierson International in Toronto are $1,486 but I could get a U.S. Airways (Air Wisconsin) for $330.00, non-refundable. Of course I'm flying in a prop plane, squeezed in, can't even stand up to my height of 6'3" but still, I'm all for saving over a $1,000 even though I'm flying in a sardine tin.

  2. I too love airports
    I love people watching,
    I love the tradition of buying books at the airport shops
    And I love feeling cosmopolitan

  3. "If air travel was free, how much more would you really travel?" - NEVER by air; I have a fear of heights AND flying.

    now if TRAIN travel were free, one trip a month would be great! I love going to 30th street station in philly (our amtrak point) and people watch/eat.

  4. I do not like all airports I have my favourites, Munich is one, Rome is another one because it is Rome, the airport is 60 years old. But it remains Rome.
    then Vienna and Frankfurt. Ottawa is another one simple to get around and modern. London Heathrow Terminal 5 and 2 is also nice because it is probably the last airport with real duty free like in the old days.
    Discovered your blog on the SPO guy's site.