Saturday, September 27, 2014

A tour of Richmond, with Jay in Virginia

Jay, of Jay in Virginia, met me at my hotel this morning and took me on a tour of his city, Richmond, Virginia.  We had a nice breakfast in Richmond's hipster town, that is not how they describe it, but it is certainly how I would describe it.  There are three thriving bike shops on one block - how much more hipster can you get.  We went in Monument row to downtown passing the museum campus along the way.  The Capital is downtown, past that under the expressways and around the train station is a wonderful warehouse district.  From there we went across the James river and slightly west to a park, with wonderful rocks and rapids.  My aging knees are bothering me, so we didn't make it out onto the rocks.  It is clear that Jay loves his city and it is obvious why.  The city appears prosperous, I was struck by the number of obviously local and successful business, shops, stores and restaurants. There are a couple of Universities that keep the city young, a mix of old and new money.  Fine older neighborhoods and modern condos downtown.  It looks like a fun and interesting place.  THANK YOU to Jay for showing me around.  If you want to see a city, have a local show you around.  


  1. "If you want to see a city, have a local show you around." - tru fax dat. even here in philly.

    GREAT pix of you two (can you tell I am jealous?)!

    has jay gotten you to meet kelly stern of "rambling along"? kelly is such a dear!

  2. David,
    No better tour director than Jay! Nice selfie.

  3. I love it when bloggers can get together. What a handsome pair!

  4. Anonymous9/28/2014

    ANY TIME!!!! I loved having you to squire around! Very cool!

    Peace <3