Friday, August 04, 2017

Ten Things I Just Don't Get

Special thanks to Anne Marie for the inspiration

Ten things I just don't get:

1: Neck and hand tattoos - they always make me wonder, "what where you thinking?" 
2: Trump and his evil spawn.
3: Twitter - social media with ADHD.
4: Spending money prosecuting drug crimes and locking people up, and not spending money on substance abuse and addiction treatment. 
5: People complaining about paying taxes.  
6: Worrying about the cost of health insurance, and not about the cost of medical care. 
7: People who try to impose their religious practices on other people. 
8: Walmart  
9: Bobby Flay
10: People who want to live past 100 years of age. 

Your ten things? 


  1. I certainly don't get Wal-Mart. And the tattoo thing I don't get is the people who are covered in them. What in hell will they look like in old age when there skin is wrinkled and flabby???

  2. I wanna be the first in my family to make it to 100.

  3. Bobby Flay! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I don't get him either.

  4. I find all tattoos horrid, no matter where they are. A patient of mine once had two on his willie: "redheads" on one side, and "all for love" on the other. Many, many years ago now. I just remember all the males crossing their legs (and maybe their eyes) as they checked it out. (He was unconscious.)

    I don't get anything Trumpian, or anyone who voted for him. Nor do I get people who continue to support him, even after his lies.

    I don't get people who can be cruel to animals.

    I don't get why our STUPID politicians refuse to allow same sex marriage. Yet.

    We don't have Walmart here so I guess I don't get why people don't get it.

    I'll be happy to live to be 100 if I can figure a way to improve my health and mobility. But I think, since death holds no fears for me I'll just let nature take its course.

  5. I thank you much for my next blog entry!

  6. Oh, you make much too much sense (especially for me, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10).

  7. hey look like in old age when there skin is wrinkled and flabby???

    แตกใน xxx

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