Tuesday, January 13, 2015

You Tube

So what would the You Tube video of my day look like?  If it was in chronological order, it would start with me rolling out of bed about 6:00 AM, an inhumane hour.  It takes me a couple of hours to get through my morning routine, including reading and commenting on a dozen blogs.  I have gotten into a habit of getting up at that hour - bad habits are hard to break.  Breakfast and a shower - no one would want to see the shower - unless they have a Pillsbury Dough Boy fetish.

I headed out a few minutes early today, Metro was reporting being Fubar, as it has been since the deadly smoke but no fire incident on Monday evening.  I squeezed onto a train, getting a feel for what sardines feel like.  A funny things happen on overcrowded standing room only trains, people pass out. Some of them are people who are unable to stand for 30 minutes, others, and actually the more common, are people who are claustrophobic and panic and pass out in the crowd.  I have watched them drop a couple of times over the year. Any suggestions on how to calm them so they don't drop. It takes half an hour to scrape them off the floor, meaning that everyone has to get off the train.  This morning at National Airport, where it was colder then frozen parts of a witch's anatomy.  10 minutes later I was able to wedge my ample behind onto another train, for the long way around to the office.  Well close, I ended up three blocks from the office, but at least I was still breathing.

I was at the desk about three minutes, when my student announced that she couldn't get onto the network.  She is bright, very bright, but capitalizes on acting like a ditz.  It took a while, but they finally sent over the cute new IT assistant to help her.  If she weren't engaged, I would expect her to have computer trouble every week - when he bent over you could hear the oh-mys! I had two conference calls back to back, someone kept adding people to the agenda for the first one, dear Fred got squeezed to five minutes for his quarterly update.  That was followed by a call to argue about funding four proposals, and something strange happened, we all agreed that one of the proposals was great, two of them stunk, and one of them was good.  We all agreed on all of them.  That 90 minute call was done in 20 minutes, it helps when we all get along.  Something strange on one of the grant proposals, it was not bad until they got to the project leadership - there was none - they wanted to add this full time job to the work plan of someone who already works 60 hours a week, and the budget made no sense, they didn't explain what they were doing with 84.5% of the budget - they said who they were going to give it to - but not what they were going to do.  Moral of the story - the budget does matter.  I participated in a marketing webinar = played solitaire on my phone while the speakers droned on about nothing I didn't already know.  I wedged myself onto another over crowded train and came home.  Definitely a boring You Tube Video.


  1. I just read about the metro incident yesterday...OMB!

    and I do have claustrophobia issues if a train (or anywhere else) gets too crowded for me to breathe properly. have never passed out, but have escaped quickly many times.

  2. I avoid mirrors in the morning. And all other times. I get up between 6:45 and 7:00, and am out the door by 7:20, getting me to work with 5 minutes to spare, given no traffic on the Powhite Parkway or I95N. Oddly enough, there is seldom a backup on the Downtown Expressway or I64E. I do so wish we had true mass transit here. Can you imagine no buses to the airport?!?!?!

    The rest of the day was meh. I got out of backing up another admin on a project that I have done for him. He's on his freaking own tomorrow. I have my own "ye gods and little fishes" meeting of my own!

    Peace <3