Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Time to Panic

It SNOWED in DC, time to panic.  The mere mention of snow sends the city into widespread panic.  Stores are packed with people stocking up for the inevitable Armageddon. The nice specialty market can be relied on to hold a storm sale, not milk and toilet paper, they will offer 20% off on wine by case, you don't want to run low on Cab-Sav when snowed in for 20 minutes.  The Federal government now offers widespread tele-work, then snow is in the forecast they offer unauthorized tele-work meaning that feds can stay home, check their office email and get paid.  So it did snow, but it was 36 degrees and snowing, meaning that as soon as it stopped falling it all melted away.  

Seriously we do get real snow from time to time.  Five years ago when I moved into the condo, we had 24 inches of snow, and two days later another 24 inches on top of that.  48 inches is way too much of any good thing.  


  1. they do they same damn thing up here; we got .5 inch.

    I remember the back-2-back 24 inchers; we were supposed to have a new dishwasher delivered and I kept postponing it due to the crappy weather.

  2. I'll never forget the first "D.C. Snowstorm" I experienced. I was stationed at Ft. Meade (NSA) in 1960. Snow was forecast on one fine winter day. Panic set in, emergency routes were announced, alarms went off. I asked "How much snow?" The answer I got was "two to four inches." I asked "What's with all this panic? The emergency routes? For two to four inches?" I literally thought they were joking. But I found out they weren't joking. During my 2 1/2 years at Ft. Meade, I always got a good chuckle out of the fact every time snow was forecast, the "Snow Emergency" plans went into effect. The whole time I was there I don't think we ever had more than four inches of snow but we had plenty of panic. Thanks for jogging the old memory David.

  3. We got drizzle. Send us some snow! HAHAHAHA

    Peace <3

  4. I never understand why people panic over some snow.