Tuesday, January 20, 2015

State of the Blog Address

It is my pleasure and duty to report on the state of the Blog.  I am happy to report that the Blog is strong, growing and stable.  The Blog gives me an outlet for my occasionally creative, often boring and sometimes fussy ramblings.  On occasion I have something to say, sometimes I don't, but I can ramble on and post anytime I want.  The Blog is my personal corner of cyberspace. The Blog reflects what I am thinking, well not entirely, I edit and there are things I just won't say - mom raised one nicely repressed kid, look up anal retentive on Wikipedia - and you may find my picture there.  

Some postings draw readers, other postings comments, many - draw yawns. I LOVE comments, good, bad or simply "Hi I Was Here" I delight in knowing that someone noticed that I had created and posted.  The more creative the headline, the funnier and more sarcastic the text, the more popular the postings seem to be.  I really need to learn to let down the defenses and be funny more often, for the world needs more laughter.  Any day you can brighten the life of another with a smile, a complement or a sincere recognition, is a good day.  We all need more good days.

The Blog is coming up on 10 years this summer, some have been good active years, some barely in existence, but this past year I have made a strong effort to write more, read more and comment more.  The Blog meeting last spring was great fun, I met some wonderful Bloggers.  From that I have met a couple of them outside of bloggerpaloza, Great fun, great people.

Despite challenges by Facebook and Twitter, we continue to Blog.  With the Blog I can write more then 144 characters (what can you really say in 144 character?) With the Blog I can control what shows up  - unlike FB where you have no idea who sees what.

The State of the Blog is good, I predict another good year of Blogging.  


  1. And I hope to be around for it!

    Peace <3

  2. What a good speech!

  3. (applause and cheer)

    and I am glad to have met you and sweet bear last march! :)

    I second the emotion to be more funny; I never take myself seriously.

  4. My blog is similar.......I like your comment
    That its a bit of your own cyberspace
    We all need something just of our own

  5. Glad I got to meet you too last March, if only for a couple of hours.
    Since you are such the organizer and dare I say anal retentive(hey! You said it first)you should try your hand at organizing the next 'Palooza.

    And since it's my birthday today and I've decreed it, so it must be done! ;-)

  6. Cheers to your SOTB address. I have found in my few months of blogging it to be quite satisfying. And who came up with that Twitter number of characters anyway? 144? Not 140 or 150...144???

  7. Thanks to interesting, creative bloggers like yourself - the state of the blog will always be sound. Looking forward to future posts.

  8. oooooooooooooh, I second sluggy's idea!