Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Metro Normal

"Do not board train if on fire" some transit system posted this sign.  This begs the question, don't board if the train is on fire, or if I am on fire?  I need to know.  I wouldn't want to break the rule, and I might not know if the train is on fire, I have little control over the train being on fire - well let's hope no one on the train has any control over the train being on fire.  I am more likely to be aware if I am on fire, maybe even more control over it, generally if I am on fire I will try to put it out.  I guess I have to put out the fire before I can board the train.  

When Metro trains are stopped in the tunnels, with no one nearby outside, and are ready to start moving, the train operator announces, "Stand Clear - Train Moving."  Why? No one is near it on the outside?  I can understand this when the train is on the platform, but in a tunnel, or on a bridge with no one outside and lot's of people inside wouldn't it be better to say, "Hang On- Train Moving"? 

Metro has had a rough week, they disproved the old adage, "where there is smoke there is fire."  There was enough smoke to be fatal, and yet the operator didn't order an evacuation because the train was not on fire. It took three rush hours for service to return to semi-normal, well Metro normal.  

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