Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Making Penguin Plans

Yesterday I cashed in Delta frequent flyer miles for a ticket to Germany this year, then I needed to figure out how to get home, or learn to speak German.  German is not an easy language for me.  US-Air has decided to price frequent flyer tickets as one ways, but won't let you buy a one way using miles - well you can if you pay for a round trip.  Funk that. I didn't have enough miles on one airline for the round trip. Iceland Air offers a free stop over, as in does not charge extra for airfare if you stop over, so I am spending 24 hours around the icy waters of the North Atlantic on the way back. I can smell the pickled fish from here.  The beginning and end of the trip are in place, now I get to fill in the cities and countries in between.  I should be able to add five countries to the list this summer.  Bottom line is round trip to Europe in prime season for about $600 and frequent flyer miles that are mostly from business trips (that someone else paid for.)


  1. After years of learning German, I went to Germany hoping to impress people how well I can speak. Alas, they all spoke English and were eager to practice it. I found it was hardly necessary to speak German in Germany. It was a bit disappointing.

  2. the penguin should do well in iceland; I have heard it's a beautiful country. will sweet bear be going with you also?

  3. Lucky you! I hope to get back to jolly olde England sometime this year. That will be doable if fuel prices allow the fares to go down a bit more.

    Peace <3