Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fun With the Routine Things in Life

I wonder if they had a vegan lunch option? 

The routine things in life need not be boring.  Life is to short to be bored or boring.  Early on I discovered colorful socks, why wear boring black, or navy blue or black socks?  Spice it up a little with color and pattern.  I don't understand why men wear boring underwear. Simple white briefs bore me to death, and frankly they don't look good on most men. As a teenager I discovered variety in style and color and fabric.  Probably the first time my parents started to wonder how many grandchildren they might have.  I have gotten boring in the past few years on color - black - the last time I went shopping for undies I mixed that up again on colors.  

A few years ago I read a book on stimulating artistic creativity.  I am not artistically gifted, I told Professor Ron Learned at Rollins that he could teach art to the artistically handicapped, he proved that when he had me as a student - I learned so much about myself from his classes. Back to the book, one of the exercises suggested in the book was to do something new, at least once a week.  Stop in a gallery you have never seen, listen to a new radio station, shop in a store you have never been in, drive home on a different route, do something.  It wards off boredom and stimulates your mind.  

Another suggestion was to read something different. I am a non-fiction reader, frequently business, aging, communications, or travel narrative.  I try to mix this up with fiction, right now I am reading several books on social media (part of a project for a board I am serving on.) 

Writing forces me to think outside the box. In daily conversation we use a fraction of our vocabulary, when I write it gives me a chance to use words that I know, but don't use on a daily basis.  Coming up with ideas to write about, challenges me.  Blogging encourages me to take pictures of life around me and find ways of incorporating the images into the monologue.


  1. Oh, I so agree! I hate being bored and will do almost anything to alleviate even the feeling as it creeps up on me! I will admit my dressing choices fall squarely into "frumpy", but that's OK, I have eclectic hobbies and stuff to make up for it! (I do loves me a guy in tighty-whiteys, at least a size too small, I think it goes back to my earliest explorations of my sexuality with friends of the same age. Back then, we all wore t-ws!)

    My only artistic outlet is photography, and sometimes I get lucky. I truly admire the Old Masters, though I wonder how many of their works wound up in the proverbial Recycle Bin, and we've never seen them! Just like me!

    I read mostly fiction. I am forced to read so much technical mumbo-jumbo that I only want to read escapist fiction. I contend any and all reading is GOOD READING! It stretched your vocabulary, broadens your mind, and fills wonderful hours.

    Unfortunately, most of my writing is email for work. And my blog. Hmmmm......

    GREAT POST! Made me think!!!

    Peace <3

  2. NAMA - what KIND of meat are they discussing?

    routine - I HATE IT! I will deliberately do the opposite of something I find dull and boring.

    for example, WHY do we HAVE to eat turkey on thanksgiving day? what's wrong with salmon? or lasagna? or meatball sammiches? "well, we've always done it that way" - BULLSHIT! mix it up, try a different path, surprise yourself!

    unfortunately, 98% of people in my life NEVER want to mix it up. sad, really.

  3. I so enjoy reading your writing too.