Thursday, January 08, 2015


Thinking warm thoughts on a cold day.  How cold was it, 10 degrees when I left home this morning, it warmed up to 21 when I came home.  Every winter I question my sanity.  I spent 23 winters in Florida - you know the place where they complain if they have to ditch the flip-flops for shoes.  I moved back north almost 20 years ago, and every 10 degree January day I ask myself "WHY?"  Every hurricane season I am reminded of one of the reasons.  Changing careers was another, I was trapped in a vicious cycle that was hard to escape in Orlando, moving away I was able to make real changes, changes I needed at that point in my life.  Moving made it easier for me to be more open about who I am.  I was nervous in Orlando that employers or family would find out I was gay - if they opened their eyes they would easily see it - but they didn't ask and I didn't say.  With the geographic move I was able to be open and not worry.  I haven't had a closeted job since I left Orlando - life is so much better.  I was surprised when I moved north, that for a little more in taxes, how much more I get.  I can drive on most of the expressways here without paying tolls.  We have real libraries and parks that are open and maintained.  I like it here, but I look forward to the guys in shorts and T-shirts on the metro.


  1. Good looking guys in shirts in Trelawnyd?
    Fat fucking chance x

  2. On Tuesday, the boy came over to blow leaves. He came back Wednesday to finish, but texted an hour later and said it was too cold and the wind was blowing too hard. I got home a few hours later to find him in shorts and flipflops. He claimed to have worn shoes and socks to blow leaves. But shorts?!?!?! Idiot!

    Me, I just add a layer. And no tolls? I'm moving up there!

    Peace <3